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Through our partnership with A.M.C.O. United GmbH / Chemad GmbH (AMCO), HN is able to provide analytical and sampling services for products, raw materials, residues and commodities in the iron, non-ferrous metal and foundry industries such as non-ferrous metal-containing raw materials, ferroalloys, ores, coke, coal, minerals, oxidated aggregates and more.

AMCO is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the German Accreditation Agency GmbH (DAkkS).

AMCO is currently expanding its services for the sampling, processing and analysis of precious metals, alloyed scrap, electronic scrap, concentrates  containing precious metals or concentrates of various types.

Our instrumental

 XRF: X-ray fluorescence
 OES: Optical Emission Spectrometry
 ICP-OES: Inductive Coupled Plasma
 ICP-MS: Inductively Coupled Plasma mass spectrometry

Our “classic” determination methods

 Ion chromatography

Our vision is to be the best full-service provider of independent inspection, testing, sampling, preparation and analysis as well as supervision and consulting within a broad variety of Commodities. We always strive for maximum excellence in our services provided to customers, with ethics, impartiality and transparency